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4,5 Sterne aus 387 Bewertungen
28 Sep 2020 um 7:13 Yummie Yummie - wie immer!
25 Sep 2020 um 22:15 Lecker!
20 Sep 2020 um 20:41 Unfortunately, wrong food delivered. Ordered a vegan Bilbao, received one containing meat.
11 Sep 2020 um 20:59 Always SO GOOD. Every detail in the dish is creative and well made. Puts other Bibimbap to shame.
11 Sep 2020 um 14:58 Super lecker und mir gefällt besonders dass die scharfe Chilisoße im separaten Schälchen kommt.
6 Sep 2020 um 22:56 food wasn't great and small portions.
5 Sep 2020 um 21:33 Superlecker.
27 Aug 2020 um 21:13 Food was tasty as hell and the delivery guy was hottttt. Definitely will order again if its the same guy.
24 Aug 2020 um 16:48 einfach sehr gut! wie immer!
23 Aug 2020 um 8:50 3h im voraus bestellt für 19 Uhr, leider durch Lieferando 30 Min verspätet, Bibimpap war okay, Pork Belly war gut.
16 Aug 2020 um 22:42 The food wasn't good, took even almost 2 hour to get it
14 Aug 2020 um 21:08 Thank you for resolving problem with order from your side. I'm very not happy with liferando but I'm amazied with contact with you. Food was very good as usual I can recommended plum sos as mandatory for everyone. Peace and happy weekend